About MB(ee)

Mary Black is an online lifestyle coach, blogger and motivational speaker with almost 30 years of experience. In 2009 she decide she was sick and tired of being sick and tired; she quit smoking and drinking, adopted a clean eating and workout lifestyle and began turning back the clock. Slowly she repaired the damaged cells and today, at age 51, looks and FEELS younger than she did in her 30's. 
In 2011, she took 22 years of training, coaching, inspiring and racing a competitive sled dog team and turned her focus to inspiring women to not their age define them through blogging, online lifestyle coaching, motivational speaking, social media platforms and podcast (launching in early 2018).

For most of her life, she has been a "closet creative" as she felt she wasn't good at art when her 7th grade art instructor laughed at her drawing of a vase with flowers. For almost 40 years she felt she wasn't "artistic", but found a love for creating fun tiles for her social media platforms. Up late one night scrolling through social media, an ad for creating an online store in Shopify made her stop the scrolling. As they say, the rest is history. 
When she's not coaching and inspiring women, writing blogs and creating products for the shop, she is training for her first Strongwoman competition (yep at age 51!). She currently lives in Fairbanks, Alaska with her husband of 28 years (and Strongman inspiration) Mark, their Aussie fur-child Takum, and their cat Buster.