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It wasn’t all that long ago I was uninspired, unhealthy and unhappy in a soul-killing job where I felt trapped. There were days I would tell my staff to hold my calls, close my office door and window blinds, call my cell phone from my office line and pretend to be on an important call. These “calls” lasted anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour where I was actually sitting on the floor in my office with my eyes closed, crying knowing there was more to life than just paying bills until I die.

I looked and felt awful; I smoked a pack a day, drank a case (or more) of beer a week and survived on fast food and Ben and Jerry’s to get me through the day (photo on left). Thank goodness for living in “the bush” in northern Minnesota with 50 sled dogs in my front yard at the time for me to get exercise!

One night while having yet another meltdown, I looked at my husband Mark through crocodile tears and said "That's it, I'm done with the pity party". I'm done with feeling sorry for myself. I'm done not being grateful for what I DO have instead of focusing on what I don't. I was done feeling and looking like someone 20 years older. I quit smoking, starting eating better, joined a gym and adopted a gratitude practice. 

As a result, I quit that job and started listening to my heart instead of the negative voice inside my head and am following my passion and purpose. And I'm here to help you do the same! Also as a result, the photo on the right is me now!